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Ben’s Carpentry

Ben Wheeler

I’m a small business owner who was ready to take my business to the next level. I’m relatively inexperienced in sales and marketing and I wasn’t sure who to talk to or trust with the amount of choices out there. Dwayne Holland’s business coaching services were recommended to me so I decided to invest in myself and my business.

After meeting with Dwayne I realized I was in good hands, this was clearly someone with a lot of experience and knowledge in all aspects of business, and is passionate about helping business owners like myself.

Dwayne tailor made a business training program to suit my needs and budget and I haven’t looked back.

After a 9 week program I feel that I am equipped with the set of tools and strategies needed to take my business to the next level. I feel confident and supported with Dwayne by my side, in tackling all the challenges that running and growing a small business presents. 

I highly recommend Dwayne Holland as a Business Coach.

PMCL Industrial Concrete

Pino and Kristian Mancuso

As a family run business that’s been around since 1964, we wanted to honor our legacy and maintain and improve our reputation going forward to ensure the hard work that had been inputted over the years does not go to waste and could be preserved through generations. 

Like everything, it is hard to keep up with the ever-changing climate and the abundance of information that is out there today. To stay relevant with the times, we wanted to find someone with skin in the game to help guide and provide us with the information needed to achieve our goals. Dwayne was just that person.

By facilitating his programs and providing feedback and advice as we needed it, Dwayne was able to help us build and implement a system that compliments and enforces the company culture we value. 

We look forward to maintaining our relationship with Dwayne for years to come.

LineStein Tools

Darrell and Stephanie Bijl

Prior to working with Dwayne Holland, our business had BIG dreams and plans however with lack of entrepreneurial experience, these targets were difficult to hit and errors ran the risk of costing us money. 

In the first year we have been working with Dwayne, he has coached our business in the areas of profitability, smart and realistic goal setting, sales negotiation, as well as marketing and sales strategies. Dwayne motivates us to run hard and hit our goals while maintaining our fundamental values. 

Our decision to work with Dwayne has been one of our smartest business decisions to date and we look forward to our company’s continued growth alongside his professional mentorship.

Divine Painting Services

Lucy and Mark Prokop

After consulting with five different business coaches over the past six years, I felt frustrated, unable to find someone with the real-world expertise and integrity I could truly trust. That is, until I crossed paths with Dwayne Holland.

In our initial conversation, I explained to Dwayne that our business was successful and growing, except for one persistent challenge that had proven difficult to move beyond. I had expressed this same challenge to the previous five coaches, but I was so happy with Dwayne’s immediate and uplifting response. Unlike one of the other coaches who suggested altering our business or even abandoning our direction, Dwayne’s clear and informative answer resonated with me. When I shared our conversation with my husband, he exclaimed, “Wow, the sixth coach addressed our challenge spot-on right from the start!”

Soon after I started working with Dwayne, shifting our focus towards bolstering self-confidence and planning effective approaches to target our niche market. Through our numerous sessions, Dwayne empowered me to better understand and communicate my message with confidence. He guided us in refining our niche, not only teaching me but also actively engaging with me to adopt a different mindset that really built me up. Astonishingly, our business soared last year, doubling our previous year’s performance. Dwayne’s genuine dedication and care is very sincere, going above and beyond our expectations. He not only guided me in our brand and marketing strategies but also transformed our way of thinking—the most significant achievement.

In my opinion, Dwayne is the real deal in the business coaching world. We are immensely grateful to him for transforming our mindset, a transformation that directly impacted our business. Allow me to emphasize that even if you already possess a highly successful business and feel like you’ve got this, you cannot afford to disregard the invaluable coaching Dwayne offers. It is my firm belief that no matter how successful your business may be, there is always room for improvement, and Dwayne is the key to unlocking that potential.

Terrace Management Group

Brian and Sarah Trevelyan

We can’t thank Dwayne, enough for his down-to-earth approach and invaluable coaching expertise. He didn’t just work with my wife and I on our vision, mission, and values, but also helped us uncover a wealth of knowledge about our brand position and where we wanted our company to go.

Dwayne’s guidance and practical process enabled us to transform our vision into a tangible reality. Even though I was initially impatient, I soon realized the direction and clarity it provided for our company as we embraced his thought-provoking questions and feedback.

Dwayne equipped us with practical tools that we can apply daily to grow our business. With his guidance, our organization is now better prepared to engage with clients and establish new relationships. We’ve already begun to see the positive impact of this process, as it has opened doors to exciting opportunities for our group. 

We’re incredibly grateful to Dwayne for empowering us with the knowledge and skills needed to take our business to the next level.


Art Director